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Our Services

We offer the full spectrum of services to help organizations work better. Everything from creating standards of excellence to enhance the business organization to work in a more effective ways, assessing how organizations doing, and helping them to perform even better in the future.

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Investment Services
We assist our business partners in:
  • Project phases: Matchmaking, land purchasing, design and following construction processes, equipment purchase, and installation.
  • Company formation.
  • Drafting initial company formats, constitution, and agreements.
  • Project feasibility studies.
  • Business plans.
  • Structure, staff hiring, draft third-party contracts.
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Special Services
Dealing with authorities for approvals and licenses.
We hire top-class service providers to serve our business partners in getting all authorities approvals, inspections, and certifications required to start their projects and keep them running smoothly.
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General & Industrial Management Consulting
We help leaders improve the overall operations, performance, and profitability of the business, through:
  • Analyze business operations to identify areas for improvement.
  • Succession planning.
  • Development of leadership and staff.
  • Organizational change management.
  • Implement plans to improve profitability.
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Strategy Consulting
We work with our business partners to support in:
  • Designing of vision and mission statements.
  • Setting Goals & Objectives.
  • Development of strategic plans and setting up of implementation roadmaps (outline activities and resources required to implement the plans).
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Business Consulting
We assist our business partners to optimize internal workflow through:
  • Suggesting the best organizational structure.
  • Organization and workflow by setting all functions policies and procedures.
  • Teams building.
  • Business environment.
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Marketing Consulting
  • Create and execute marketing strategies, plans, processes, and ensuring proper implementation.
  • Identify new opportunities to engage with existing and new business partners.
  • Improve business partners engagement through social media, creating innovative campaigns on various media that are integrated for optimal success and managing interactions with customers.
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Sales Consulting
Based on scientific analysis for the current status, we help our business partners in:
  • increasing sales taking in consideration, sales quantities, value, and profitability.
  • Finding new ways to make our business partner’s products and services more attractive to existing and prospective customers.
  • Increasing sales by suggesting specific improvements in the company’s processes.

About Us

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To be the most distinguished company, we provide Optimal Business Solutions (OBS) to complex business management problems to ensure excellent organizational performance.


To provide, through business partners engagement, high performance organizational and operational management systems to ensure exceptional organizational performance, considering developing, facilitating, and maintaining reliable, secured and fully integrated systems to ensure “Optimal Operational Business Solutions” achievement.

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Core Values

  • Respect our business partners’ needs.
  • Responsibility to achieve those needs.
  • Efficiency to provide optimal business solutions within the minimum period and competitive cost.
  • Trust is the keystone in our relationship with our business partners.

Our Experts

Dr. Nidhal Al-Sarraf

Dr. Nidhal Al-Sarraf

Founder and Chairman


  • BSc in Mathematics – Iraq
  • MSc in Operational Research – UK
  • PhD in Cybernetics and Statistical Economics – Romania
  • Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) from London Metropolitan University – UK


Dr. Nidhal has a very wide range of experience in business management and business consultancy.

He spent most of his practical life working very closely and within decision-making circles in different industries.

He created his own company “Formation Management Consultancy” in order to use his expertise in achieving “Optimal Business Solution” for business partners’ problems by applying scientific methodologies.

Dr Nidhal has a long-term successful blend between the academic & practical experiences in Iraq, Yemen, Egypt, and UK. In addition, he has a distinguished experience in medium and large family business firms.

Humam Al-Sarraf

Humam Al-Sarraf

Founder and Managing Director


  • Bachelor Degree in Computer Engineering- College of Engineering & Technology- Arab Academy for Science Technology & Maritime Transport – Egypt
  • Master of Business Administration Major in Marketing- Arab Academy for Science Technology & Maritime Transport - Egypt.
Specialized Training:
  • Microcontroller Based Smart House System
  • Corporate Profitability Simulation
  • Strategic Marketing - Nobel Mantrich Institute
  • Egyptian Marketing Summit by Philip Kottler, Ramon Vallings, and Eric Fisk.


Humam has more than 14 years of experience in multi fields such as exports, transportations, logistics, marketing, and general management.

He worked as a marketer in FMCG field and became a marketing manager within only 6 years.

He is in leadership positions for more than 5 years as a Vice Chairman in a care home company in UK.

Recently he holds a Managing Director position in this company in Egypt, playing a critical technical and management roles.

His academic background in business management and in engineering combined with his experience and personality, will contribute positively to develop any organization.

This diverse background shall enable him to provide deep business knowledge and solutions, and consequently, to improve the organizational performance.

Magdy Amer

Magdy Amer



  • A professional industrial engineer having a BSc from Cairo University – Egypt.
  • MBA from Rochester University – USA.


40 years of multinational experience, Magdy is an expert in management consultancy, organizing family businesses and investments, and reforming companies.

Magdy worked with different multinational organizations such as Xerox, Kodak, and HSA. He participated in launching businesses in different countries, expanding & growing businesses, and starting new industries.

He held top management levels as a Directors of investments and business growth in different industries, Board Member and Executive Managing Director in real estate.

Magdy is an expert in preparing feasibility studies and managing industrial, commercial, services, and real estate projects.

Khalid Al-ariqee

Khalid Al-ariqee

Management Consultant


  • Bachelor Degree in Mathematics and education from Mansoura university - Egypt.
  • Higher diploma in Computer Science (CS) from Cairo University - Egypt.
  • MBA in the field of HR from Ain Shams University - Egypt.


Khalid has a long history of experience in Statistics and Total Talent Management (TTM), He started his practical life in Yemen in the field of Statistics until he became Statistics Director at the Ministry of Education.

He moved to Egypt in 1998 for further studies and joined HSA-Group in the HR Corporate Team for 8 years.

He was HR Director Assistant and became HR Head in ARMA Company.

The last position he held was Regional Director - Group of Trading Companies.

Khalid has diverse experience that exceeds 35 years, in HR Functions, Training and Management.

Having a solid background in Digital and Statistical Analysis qualified him to extrapolate the management indicators using the analytical methodologies.

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